Saturday, September 14, 2013

TwitView for Windows 8 - Update v1.2.0

As long as the update doesn't break anything, this should be the last update until Windows 8.1 comes out next month! I've already started transitioning the code to 8.1 so expect another update as soon as Microsoft allows developers to submit 8.1 versions of their apps to the store.

Also, the Windows Phone 8 version of TwitView is nearing completion! After I have dealt with a few minor issues and added the finishing touches, I should be able to submit the app for certification sometime later this week. ;)

Changelog: v1.2.0
[new] Faster startup time!
[new] Updated to new live stream
    *    Adaptive live stream - May take up to a minute for the stream to find the best quality for your connection.
    *    Added button to change video quality (High Quality, Low Quality, or Adaptive).
[new] Cloud Settings page
    *    When setting up syncing, asks if you want to sync to most recent backup if available or overwrite it and create a new one from the current device.
    *    Displays last backup time.

[fix] Crash when one of the MyTwit feeds fail to load.
[fix] OMGcraft not loading correctly.
[fix] Downloads bugs
[fix] Schedule - Show names now wrap to the next line if too long.
[fix] Finally aligned 'TWiT Live' text on Live Stream Page.

Known Issue: On Windows 8.1 Preview some videos may fail to load. If pressing 'retry' multiple times doesn't work, try changing to a different video quality.