Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Twit View for Windows 8.1 (v2.0) Update

The official 8.1 build of Twit View is now live in the windows store!

Also, the RT version of Twit View (for Surface and other ARM-based tablets) is now working and in the Windows Store again. So go forth and download! :)

Store Link:

Changelog v2.0
[new] Windows 8.1 Compatibility
    -   Performance Improvements
    -   Improved app window resizing
    -   Added Large Tile support
[new] Live Tiles (Wide and Large tiles only)
    -   Display upcoming live shows on tile (enable in options menu)
    -   Updated "Now Playing" tiles.
[new] Play To button added to video pages.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

TWiT View is now on Windows Phone 8!

I have finished porting the app to Windows Phone 8. You can now download the app from the link below.

Windows Phone Store link -

Note - If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please email me at

App Description: 
Listen, watch, and download content on your Windows Phone 8 device.
Major Features:
 - Cloud Syncing & Backup - Sync favorite shows and watch history across multiple Windows Phone & Windows 8 devices with Microsoft Skydrive.
 - Integrated IRC chatroom.
 - Download episodes to view locally on your device.
 - MyTwit: Bookmark favorite shows to easily keep track of new episodes.

Free trial version is ad supported with no time-restrictions. Downloads only available in paid version.

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