Thursday, January 30, 2014

You can now watch "Inside TWiT" in Twit View

After setting up a way to automatically add all new shows earlier this month, I decided to go ahead and by hand add's only unofficial show "Inside Twit". The app pulls all of this shows data directly from YouTube so there are a few minor restrictions/inconveniences: such as lack of an audio only option and proper download support.

Twit View for Windows 8.1:
[new] Inside Twit
[fix] Tech News 2Night cover art.

2.1.1 -
[new] Settings Menu - UI customization options

[fix] Live Stream loading issues
[fix] Offline Mode:
  -   App stuck on splash screen during initial launch
  -   Downloaded episodes not showing
  -   Crash when returning online

[fix] Updated cover art for live shows

Twit View for Windows Phone:
[fix] Live stream schedule not detecting correct timezone.

[new] Inside TWiT

[fix] Tech News 2Night bugs.
[fix] OMGcraft not displaying episode number.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Major Update: App now automatically detects new TWiT shows!

I just pushed out an update for both Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8 that causes Twit View to connect to the servers and see if any new shows have been added to their lineup, you no longer have to wait for me to update the app to get your new twit goodness! Rejoice! :)

Below you can see all the other new features and fixes for each platform.

Twit View for Windows 8.1 (v2.1)
[new] Automatically detects when new shows are added to lineup.
[new] Redesigned Show Pages
[new] MyTwit now has short decription of each episode in the list.
[new] Improved Play-To Support
[new] UI Performance Improvements (updated to Callisto 1.4.0)
[new] Initial Setup: Added Live Tiles setting

[fix] Crash when mediakeys are pressed.
[fix] Unable to scroll MyTwit when in snapped mode.
[fix] Broken download links.
[fix] Streaming live video with Play-To lags/stutters.
[fix] Context menus now popup at correct position.
[fix] Updated show icons

Twit View for Windows Phone (v1.1)
[new] Automatically detects when new shows are added to lineup.
[new] Updated current shows cover art.