Thursday, June 13, 2013

Update 1.0.5

6-17-13: App just passed certification! Check the windows store for update.

I submitted a new update to Microsoft earlier this week, hopefully it will pass certification and will be ready to download from the store in the next few days or so. I will update this post when the download is live.

In this update, I completely changed how the app pulls data down from the servers. Instead of loading all the shows at once on launch, it now loads each show individually on demand. Only the shows added to your MyTwit will load at startup.This should help reduce the amount of time it takes to load the app.

Changelog for 1.0.5:
 [new] Faster startup and loading times.
 [new] Media Controls - Skip ahead (60 seconds) and Skip back (15 seconds).
[new] Pin shows to Windows Start Screen.
[new] Button on homepage for easier access to current downloads.
[new] Error messages when app fails to connect to the servers.
[new] Ability to check for new episodes on each Show Page (Refresh button).

[fix] Show icons duplicating and causing crashes.
[fix] MyTwit not detecting favorite shows correctly.
[fix] Live stream video looping and other connection issues.
[fix] Ads displaying incorrectly.
[fix] Minor UI bugs.

If you find any bugs in this update, please contact me at


  1. Enjoying the app so far but I have some comments:
    - the show notes don't seem to be "styled" and appear a bit off considering Win8's very consistent UI. Fonts seem to be in Times Roman.
    - haven't explored the app fully so I don't know if this feature exists or not but it'd be great to watch an episode offline.

  2. Thanks for the feedback!

    A few day ago I fixed the show notes UI to be much less of an eye sore. Also I just submitted the next update earlier today, so expect to see it in the store in the next five days or so.

    Yes, the app supports local downloads.
    You can download an episode by clicking on one of the show icons and then selecting the episode you want to download from the list on the left, then bring down the top App Bar by flicking the top of the screen down with your finger (or right click if you have a mouse). There you should see the download button at the top-right side of the App Bar.
    Also, you can download directly from the Home Page of the app. If using touch, press and hold down on the episode then flick to the left or right. This will select the episode and a menu will pop up asking if you want to download it. If using a mouse, simply right click the episode.
    Be sure to go into the App options menu before downloading, there you will be able to choose the default format you want to download the files in (HD, Large, Small, or Audio).

    - RLB Labs